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How Much Water Do I Need to Add to FibreDecor?
Each type of FibreDecor requires a different amount of water. Just see the label affixed to the upper right hand corner of the bag to see the amount of water (litres or US Quarts) required.

How Much Will A Bag of FibreDecor Cover?
Each bag when properly applied will cover 45-55 square feet.

What is the suggested retail price of FibreDecor?
The suggested retail in Canada is $34.99 per bag. The suggested retail in the USA is $24.99 per bag. Dealer pricing may vary.

Do I Need to Prepare My Walls Prior to Applying FibreDecor?
Yes, some surface preparation is required. Follow the instructions shown in our Surface Preparation section.

Do I Need A Special Roller to Apply FibreDecor?
Yes, purchase of a FibreDecor Roller Applicator is necessary to properly apply FibreDecor.

Can FibreDecor Be Used For Ceiling Applications?
Yes, FibreDecor can create very interesting ceiling effects. Remember you will use more product due to the application being over your head, therefore most do not roll out the FibreDecor as thin as on a wall.

Will FibreDecor Cause Any Allergic Reactions?
FibreDecor has not shown to cause allergic problems with many thousands of users over years.



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